«¯§ Þ Ô.ö k¬»: regrets

Saturday, April 01, 2017


pretty sure i dont have any
living life sharply with full force as it comes

digging around room, clearing about decades of papers, admin, life, belongings

comes across berkeley
what a time.

"...if you wrote 5-10 more pages it can be published. I'll be happy to help with the process" - Professor

clearly i didnt take that on board and decided the grand canyon was way more worth organising, and only after i came back from the US , did i realise she sent yet another email wanting to submit my paper into a conference. 2011. well. i'm no longer cutting edge. Professor in Cinematic Arts and Gaming will definitely have to be shelved permanently.

Bye bye academia.

It wouldn't have been useful anyway. Not a life that is shared with the majority. =.="

I guess I have settled.

and that's not a bad thing?




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