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Thursday, June 15, 2017

full circle

end of an era for sure.
closure at its best

met my bestie upon a full moon over pancakes
ten years on
finished up the chapter upon a full moon at grossi (of which the food was fantastical!)

peculiar, as once i walked below this restaurant as a student and thought wow so fancy , who would eat in there!  and now i sit upstairs staring out, a strange feeling, plus some wonder as my high school mate is the dessert chef, creating incredible inventions.

food with a story + presentation = ART!

upon leaving they gave us a gift, how nice.

strolling past the Royal Exhibition to a free ride home
it sealed up the chapter on uni life were i once had exams

no more.

stage adult entered

engagement begins

what is this nonsense?



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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Marriage sage

 You know what it is, la?
You know, it's not even about someone you like ya, it's about committment and can put up with the other la.

If you really love the person you wouldn't marry them, let them go becuase you know you'll hurt them.

Oh dear...


Yes, dear....


but a dream

to look back and verbalise it feels a lie,
so far and distant


memory captured in a cloud


Sunday, May 28, 2017

St Kilda Short Film Festival


another night out, this time with three other mates over two as-close-as-chapel-street-can-provide-japanese-food dinners lol.
topic of convo - wow we all have Hong Kong backgrounds and can relate to family members where our dads are chefs and migrating to Australia. A unique crew. Let's meet again =]

chew chew
yum cha
egg tarts

below are my few word summaries_

Sociopaths (Mystery) 
Director: A.T.

Lets Go Home! (Drama)
Director: Takuya Matsumoto

A Warm Spell Trailer from Toshimichi Saito on Vimeo.

A Warm Spell (Drama)
Director: Toshimichi Saito

Director: Yuki Saito

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Post work adventures


fun times Mc Clelland Scupture Park =]


Monday, May 22, 2017

it's official

not longer a student.

account disabled. 10 years later LOL.

all my freebie spam goes there. drats. 

no more 
- hollywood reporter updates
- random sales
- freebies
- festival spam
- competition entries

meh. that's probably a good thing. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

that stereotypical film slice

...she flips open her macbook
paperwork pile up high,

wiggles in ear buds

*cue music*

reflections and flash backs... running, his hair, his smile, flung into an embrace, sun , rain, hail, shine

her smile , close up laptop screen, her fingers against the keys, her eyes, pan out as she tilts her eyes to the sun streaming through her window of the 5th floor....

currently listening to
alternative folk <3 p="">
Song - Little House

*link* wow. a nice start for this guy. worth a listen. simple. but catchy

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Oh what a week...

Catch up with friends
over much much hipster fancy face food
fun times

seretonin eatery

super healthy but delicious
sunsets in mornington, beach houses
yumyum The Grand Hotel with workmate
quite satisfying, or was it the fact we were super hungry
Lunch, by Dinner by Heston Crown

Liver pate but in the creation of a fruit. most peculiar sweet and palatable :P  
ending the day off taking the train, 
venturing through the subway to discover
a perhaps politically charged
enthusiastic live band

gotta love melb,
the place to be :P

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