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Monday, August 14, 2017

Otaku No Video!

ahh finally! after all these years at Berkeley. a link to the full thing

somewhat based on the true story of fandom and obession, and how a network came to be!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017


it has been a while since I have posted
partly as im not at home anymore with a desktop and the laptop-to-desk-to-arm-to-chair-ratio is slightly off, so im not on much.

and also because photobucket has decided you need to pay to access your own images to be hosted on a website. bleh. =.=. top header of xmen disappeared for that reason.

tonight was a tick the item off the list night with no.34 restaurant in the world, Melbourne's very own Attica.

David took most of the photos which snaps a bit away from the experience (lewl take that as you wish). I prefer to DIG IN. But it was a fun night indeed. Esp the part of strolling out back to their garden where they grew everything that ended up on our plate. Definitely special.

And to walk past the kitchen and all the staff happy to be there and working away with genuine smiles. One even encouraged us to eat the strawberries from the garden =] You wouldn't be able to fake happiness if you work everyday and dish out the same menu. So that was definitely a pleasant sight to see.

What I loved was the authentic australian if not Melbourne involvement from the food to utensils to decor to lighting. Tributes to the local neighbourhood and its unique contribution to the lifestyle around there was spot on.

Worth a visit i'll say.
Gets interesting from the half way point.

in sum_
food so fancy you aren't sure its edible.
note: you cannot eat the quandong pips, that someone mistaken for nuts LOL

we ate ants tonight! it tasted like popping candy. crunchy!

oh so shiny.
growing their own edible tulips!

excursion time with gumby gumby tea. hits the spot!

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

wonderful weekends!

As we wrap up another week,
the insane timetable of squishing everything social begins again

was early to the venue so checked out Salvos Op shop, and
wow.... a pair of bright red boots that actually fit. There was no way they werent leaving the shop with me. lol. Can officially wonder woman cosplay now.
But when will there ever be a time. lewl. considering I am a DC fan.

i would just have to stick some white down it front of it :P

Also picked up two niffty books and good ol Forrest Gump :)

So Brunch! woah at Sugar Buns , and what a lovely cafe it was.
Catching up with uni mates always a plus.
Extremely filling lunch!! and generous portions . They are now famous for their milk shakes
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, plant, outdoor and nature
popped along to a Honey Farm and learnt many interesting things about bees and honey.
mmmmmmmm taste test everything. SUGAR HIGH
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, selfie, eyeglasses, closeup and outdoor

Dash dash to high school friends dinner, ordered the cheapest item on the menu, because I spent too much already. and woahla, friends announce they will have a BABY! We indeed are growing up :P

End the night with a blessed birthday dinner of a church mate . much love.


Church. Thankful for Mentone Baptist for addressing a confronting and rather alarming yet real report on the issue of domestic violence and its connections at times to churches.
We do NOT support domestic violence in anyway.
It is NOT pleasing or glorifying to God in anyway
and as a church there needs to be much more care and practice in protecting and preaching the word faithfully in deed and action. and when it needs to act to incorporate professional assistance. it should.

Brunch with bestie and his girlfriend.
Very pleasant discovery of a cafe i never knew existed.
Cafe 1809 *link*
then more church , visiting and supporting the boyfriend.
dinner at their close mates house

what a weekend. 

thank goodness for clinical team meeting and chillaxy monday :P

til , the next weekend!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

because life has too much drama.
*pic source*
drats more often than not strike up a convo and the deeper it goes, you hit that 9inch glass wall between the two of your minds. we are so different it annoys us.
soon that wall will be thicker and thicker,
and eventually so far so opaque the other will be erased,
memory deleted

*pic source*
why were we lovers again?


Sunday, July 09, 2017

friends and banter

a pleasant sunday arvo with greetings from across the globe ^^
hoorah! even if the internet ain't the greatest

Hehe and good ol friends chillaxing at Macca's after a comedic Spiderman reboot
6/10 I'll say 


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

All you can eat dumplings!

tried a scoopon deal
$15 roughly each for all you can eat dumplings

at a place that seems too fancy to be in the middle of clayton.
being fancier I suppose it means they can serve the food a tad later,
but they did forget our order twice and once drink was missed.

perhaps the waiter was new, because they spilt sauces twice lol. kinda funnny
but it was rather enjoyable I'll say.

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Saturday, July 01, 2017



I've been meaning to post my random Saturday adventures but since it isnt that easy to upload photos to my mac, i've been delayed.

So in sum - you never know what will happen , where time takes you, or who you will bump into!

Fuzzy photo of us, towering over our suburb
Sat #1.
Wondering into officeworks, and seeing an old uni mate
Brunch with friends, reminisce over silly high school days
End up chatting and wondering what a top scoring student has been up to since yr 12.
Two hours later. BUMP INTO THEM ON THE STREET! uncanny.
Wondering up strange buildings that make us wonder how it got legally approved,
could not access the fire stairs and had many posters of warnings about 'in-case-lift-isn't-working-call-xxx'.
lewl. Finding out "The House of Delight" was actually a dessert store and not something else :P
Training into the CBD to assist with providing food to the homeless/rough.
Bump into more friends I havent seen since call centre days  - yes we should catch up - pencil it in
Party party in the evening.
It's nice to be of an age where we can party at someone's house. haha nice and cosy
hmmmmm...and best homemade icecream ever!!

Sat #2
original plans to go to Abbortsford convent bounced
and two mins later
- optom appt (good things eyesight is stable)
- lunch at HK dimmies! yum yum , pretty cheap $16 for yumcha
- watched another ep of Ronny Chieng International Student , hilarious as usual.
- caught up with an ol family friend that I havent seen in YONKS! and woahla a townhouse is his!
lots of fun poking my head in the new-smell-abode ^^" over munching vietnamese rice paper rolls.
- dinner with the folks
- bed!

on the side_
Myer sells purses which you can get painted!
Top Design is incredibly worth it!
Free for concession card holders and students
Top scoring VCE in viscom, interactive media, textiles, systems enginnering, media!
If you are there def stick around for Quiet by Ben Head.
jawdropping flawless for a yr 12 piece.
Tackling the issue of war
isnt easy, especially to pull it off realistically.

As for comedy this had me laughing out loud!!


See you next weekend

<3 p="">

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