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Thursday, March 22, 2018


verbal vomit

can't be bothered fixing up the images that don't show up properly on this page still lewl.

but yer random thought, it has happened on multiple occasions across a number of years, and its a serious sorta déjà vu moments.

I would have what I perceive as dreams since it's not in the currently reality of events and circumstances, which i fob off since they are not real, only to encounter them a few months or years later. It is never a complete picture but certainly portions of it hold true to the extent it is like re-experiencing it again.

this time it was over a meal, over guests, over a table topic.
as I place down the plate of prawns on the table, I pause or execute as if slow motion.....
this has happened before.......
i know what will happen next.....
and it did.

so strange. eerie.
i don't think anyone in the west can see the future, given we have abandoned pretty much all things spiritual and mystical compared to the east, but.....this has occurred way too often

i wonder, if this could be unlocked. wow. wouldnt that be interesting :P

end verbal vomit

Friday, March 02, 2018

Spinifex Gum ~ Australian Song feature!

It's been a while since I've recommended anything australian of late, but gotta love the australian music scene.

The haunting voices of Spinifex Gum are worth a listen.

A project that picked up in 2015, by Felix Riebl of the Cat Empire when he stayed with the Yindjibarndi community, indigenous Australia. The songs features a brilliantly composed choir as well as other well known Aussies.

Found it as i listened to this on the radio -

Live performance in March! Ahh wish i could make it.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018



:P those links you click

"You have a strong inner motivation to influence people and circumstances. You thrive on competitive situations and challenging assignments. The stresses and pressures of everyday work and life are unlikely to reduce your effectiveness and enthusiasm."

true true haha

results - link


Monday, February 05, 2018


dating  - getting to know another individual to the exclusion of others for a temporary period of time in one's life.

marriage - union people two people under australian law, to the exclusion of all others, entered into voluntarily for life (to my understanding)

marriage (bible definition) - although it was not stated as "marriage is...", from the whole biblical context many take Adam and Eve to be the first recognised marriage and a creation order set for humanity to follow, whereby it is one man to one woman, entered into for life, where they leave their family and be their own unit, to which children are naturally expected (although not necessarily always granted). 

engagement - i guess this part is even more vague-ish, yes and no, a period of time whereby two individuals are pledged to marry, voluntarily entered into, both parties families and friends most likely aware, and yet are legally 'single' til the day of marriage.  the length of engagement typically has an end date being the marriage itself, whether it takes the form of a civil proceeding or an elaborate organised religious/non religious ceremony. 

combining them all, i can now say i've been through two, yet not actually crossing that line of 'married'. 

it is with much sadness and a catastrophic snowball of behind the scene events, little to the knowledge of the affected party, me, of which the marriage was called off - period. 
a slice in the relationship continuum that does shock family, friends and the individuals. 

so what are the learnings (starting from 2, because 1 was commonsense). it is clear_
1. marriage is not perfect, it is a lifelong commitment to another that requires hard work and itself will have its own sufferings unique to the pair and and no one else and thus
2. it is of utmost importance to have clear, honest, open face to face communication of which
3. even if it is smooth sailing, to have dedicated time away from distractions for just the couple to ponder life, the ups and the downs, with thoughts and emotions that are dear to the heart
4. be healthy by being actively intentionally investing in the relationships, take nothing for granted
5. celebrate small victories
6. laugh  often
7. "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love." - 1 Corinthians 16: 13 - 14.

and the list goes on but i got distracted watching The Hunt of the Wilderpeople.
a recommend, hilarious NZ film.


Sunday, February 04, 2018

sun therapy

ahh 10min drive after church on a sunny sunday.

nothing like a stroll down the pier for some fresh air :)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Short & Honest Insights

Amen to that.


Sunday, January 28, 2018


he stood there

she's hurting
crouched by herself at the bottom of the stairs in the snow
the flakes fall and lace her hair

he takes a step forward,
10 meters, an estimate of 14.75 steps away, and a lamp post
he retracts
a sigh released
a universe between them

a project for another day