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Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

why is it Good?

. no matter how hard humans try, we are in a perceptual state of hurting others in our selfish ways and deep down have the biggest capacity to do wrong or fail to do right in many circumstances.
. the peak of our selfishness wants us to live lives our own way, ruling inadequately, as we fail to place God as true authority in our lives.
. the bible recognises the above as sin
. the Lord is a just and holy God of which sin has no part in his nature, and we are responsible for the consequences our rebellion/sin deserves. however you put it, held account, deserving of God's wrath and punishment becuase he does not tolerate sin

. he is a merciful God that turned/poured out that punishment on his only son Jesus, to take our place on the "cross"..
Jesus died in our place
so we can be free,
and once again
be restored to a good relationship with God

because our sin has been pardoned. Jesus took our place.

that is indeed good.
for no man can save himself.



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